Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Java forever

Not related with Oracle SOA. It was just fun to watch this after a long busy day .. Java forever

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BPEL Version Redirect

I was working with the client and we had situation were multiple BPEL process versions were deployed with one of them being the default version (e.g. 1.0, 2.0*, 3.0). If client is using is version agnostic WSDL and end point URL, (as below), then it is not major concern because BPEL will route it to default version and everything will work like a charm.



That was not the case we had. One of the client was using version specific URL, and we didn’t have time and control over the client to change their URL right away. Of course, the long term solution would be use version agnostic URL, gateway or UDDI, but here is quick and dirty way if we just want to route old version request to new version using Apache redirect rule.

This basically routes the request from old-version to new-version for WSDL or End-Point request. If we want to make it generalize, to redirect all versions to a specific version (doesn't matter if that is default or not), it would be following. This can come pretty handy if version management goes out of hand..

After making it generalized, I thought of taking this approach to the next level. As all of us know that to utilize ESB->BPEL native binding (which is highly recommended by Oracle, especially in AIA world), we have to configure routing rules to point to specific version of BPEL process. Every time new version of BPEL is deployed it causes routing rule to change. I thought may be I can fool ESB with this redirect even if it is using native binding, but this trick but didn’t work out with native binding.