Thursday, January 10, 2008

OWSM Client Agents

It took me a while to configure all client agents, here is some information I would like to share. OWSM supports 3 types of client agents ( page 6-6):

- J2EE Client Agents: Configured when Servlet/EJB makes call to WebService and web service clients are maintained by Container

- J2SE Client Agent: Configured when Stand-Alone Java is making call to WebService.

- WSIF Client Agent: To leverage the WSIF framework used by ESB and BPEL. Configured when ESB/BPEL making outbound call to webservice.

Client agent intercepts the outbound requests and executes the policies defined by policy manager.

WSIF Client Agent: It is very well explained at Oracle OBE:

J2SE Client Agent: Here are the steps I followed to create J2SE client agent.

Step 1: I created BPEL webservice called HelloBPELAgentTestingCalle. Deployed that process to BPEL PM and secured it using Server Agent which requires WSSE authentication information.

Step 2: I copy the WSDL link and created J2EE webservice proxy from JDeveloper.

It creates pretty much all code required to invoke the webservice, although I had to add couple of lines of code to test the way I wanted:

I tried to create fake security token from wizard (and also per documentation), I created HelloBPELAgentTestingCalleBinding_Stub.xml and put that file in src and also under src/../proxy/runtime directory. The content of this file is very well explained in WSIF client agent.

Now after putting all libraries in classpath as mentioned in document: client.home/owsm/lib/extlib, ORACLE_HOME/owsm/lib/cfluent-log4j.jar, JDBC jar file, ORACLE_HOME/jlib/orai18n.jar, ORACLE_HOME/jlib/ojmisc.jar

Now if I execute the client using JDeveloper, I can see that it is executing the client agent before it goes to real service.

J2EE client agent:

I tried to create J2EE client by creating Web Service proxy mentioned earlier and then wrapping it up in servlet or JSF page.

I found out that if I have to follow to create webservice client and then follow the document for configuring my war or jar file. I believe that's too much work and per my personal experience I would avoid recommeding such complicated way to client.

I went for little easy solution, although I my client agent will not be managed by container, but I can get same functionality served. I used my J2SE client which _stub.xml file and all other good stuff. I created Servlet wrapper around it and deployed to application server, things works just fine....

In a nutshell, you can use J2SE client approach and still deploy to container. It will serve the the purpose but won't be managed by container.

You can download the code here for WSIF, J2SE and J2EE client agent over here.


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