Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ESB (and BPEL) purge instances

There are multiple ways we can use to purge ESB instances.

Database Scripts
For SOASuite ESB purge instances scripts are provided as part of installation (%soasuite%/integration/esb/sql/other):
- purge_by_date.sql
- purge_by_instance_id.sql
- purge_by_id.sql

ESB Client API

Database scripts are always good, but it should be best practice to rely on API provided by product. Same as BPEL Client API, whatever you can do in ESB console you can do via ESB client API. I used %soasuite%/bpel/bin/obtunnel.bat to check what XML based payload it is using. For cleaning the ESB instances, here is the sample code:

purgeInstance.consoleClient = purgeInstance.getESBClient();
String purge = "<instanceManage enable='true' userPurgeTimePeriod='14400000'/>";
HashMap<String, String> requestProps = new HashMap<String, String>();
requestProps.put("root", purge);
purgeInstance.consoleClient.perform("UpdateTrackingConfig", requestProps);

Here time period is in milliseconds and all instances older than timestamp will be purged. If we need to purge all instances, we need to change userPurgeTimePeriod='0'.

Custom ANT Task
I saw the custom ANT tasks for managing BPEL domain, purge instances, etc.. It is an amazing job done by Ramkumar Menon ( ). I used his framework and added some tasks for managing ESB.

It is really easy to use this tasks, e.g. for managing BPEL domain you can specify following in build.xml:

<BPELServerAdmin providerurl="${bpelProviderURL}" username="${bpelUsername}" password="${bpelPassword}">
<manageDomain domain="${bpelDomainName}">
<purgeInstances select="all" fromdatetime="${bpelPurgeInstanceFromDateTime}" todatetime="${bpelPurgeInstanceToDateTime}"/>
<undeployProcesses select="BPELProcess.*" type="all" revision="all"/>

This will purge instances based on timestamp and undeploy the processes.

For ESB, this is what I added:

<ESBServerAdmin username="${esbUsername}" password="${esbPassword}" hostname="${esbHostName}" port="${esbPort}">
<purgeESBInstances todatetime="${esbPurgeInstanceToDateTime}"/>

You can purge ESB instances based on timestamp, from and to is not supported. Probably it can be enhanced if there is requirement.

Here is the link for downloading Ant task with readme file, sample build.xml and sample file.


Anonymous said...

The attribute type in the Element purgeInstances should be instanceStatus

Anonymous said...

Chintan, What should be the bpelProviderURL for SOA running on weblogic?