Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Undeploying BPEL process

Well, not any cutting edge stuff, but did cause us lot of problem for us during upgrade. It seems like and especially has lot of XSD validations and it can cause BPEL process not to load if some of the validation fails.

It doesn't allow user to click on this process in BPELConsole. Appropriate action would be to undeploy or redeploy those processes but without clicking on that process you can not undeploy it.

1) One way to undeploy such process would be to clean up database. We tried following:
a) clean up the database tables
b) clean up the BPEL process under tmp directory (bpel/domains/domain-name/tmp)
c) clean up ESB in BPELSystem

This was quite cumbersome process.

2) The other way we found was to use following URL:

It was much cleaner to undeploy this way.

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