Monday, August 8, 2011

OEG - how history repeats

As we know, Oracle recently released product called OEG (Oracle Enterprise Gateway) which is meant to replace OWSM gatweay from 10g stack. I was just comparing how it with my 10g eyes.

1. So entire 11g stack is deployed on weblogic and installation time you choose user, which is pretty much weblogic and your preferred password. OEG is separate installation, it doesn't ask for username and password during install. (It is actually admin/changeme, which you can find buried in some documents).

Ah, remind me about the same in 10g, whole stack will use oc4jadmin, but OWSM would have separate user "admin" and oracle chosen password "oracle".

2. OEG password is changeme, but when I login to OEG using http://localhost:8090/runtime/management/ManagementAgent, can not find a way change it. It was not very hard and later figured out it is in the Policy studio, as below:

I don't have to tell, how hard is to change "admin/oracle" password in 10g, or almost impossible to add new user in OWSM.

3. BPEL compatibility :
I remember (~2005ish during first OWSM release), when you register BPEL service to OWSM it won't work. You have to copy schema manually. Well, I could deal with it for a while and later patches fixed those problems.
With latest release of OEG (, Java webservice registration went fine, but when I try to register BPEL composite (deployed on SOA, it didn't register at all. Of course no logs in any of the log file. Later realized that it only like WS which are compatible with WS-I standard ( Upon downloading their tools, I figured out that 11g composites (at least exposed BPEL WS) are not WS-I standard composite.
I probably have to make it work using policy studio somehow, but it would be nice if gateway can accept my BPEL wsdl URL.

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Debdeep's SOA blog said...

that was helpful as i am just going to start with OEG...thanx chintan.