Monday, May 23, 2011

OC4J JConsole 10g

For JDK 1.5

  • Changes in opmn.xml
    Add JVM parameter:
    Change tmp directory to c:\temp

  • (For Windows) Change the owner user for service same as logged in user
    Note make sure user name doesn't have (_) or (-) in it. bug:

  • Start the SOASuite in following sequence
    set TMP=c:\temp
    set TEMP=c:\temp
    opmnctl shutdown
    opmnctl startall
    jps (this should show all the pid which are used by Oracle App server

  • Start jconsole and use pid for oc4j_soa

For JDK 1.6

  • Changes in opmn.xml:
    Add following for oc4j_soa

    Change tmp directory to c:\temp

  • Start jconsole and use remote pid, with value localhost:9999
    Please note that JPS will still show "process information unavailable", but jconsole would work.

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